Talking about your mental health remains difficult for many people. With Limitless, we want to encourage you to open up more. By wearing our clothes and spreading our message, you are contributing to our mission. Together, we hope to change the world in a positive way.

Everybody probably knows someone who lives with insecurities, fears and perhaps mental problems that have quite an impact on his or her life. In a world that is becoming more and more chaotic and harsh it is very likely that you yourself are dealing with these issues as well. Therefore it’s more important than ever to be actively involved with the topic "mental health. With the new streetwear brand Limitless ® Merlijn & Vlinder Kamerling want to contribute to strengthening your mindset and thus arm yourself against mental pressure. The first collection of Limitless ® does this through confrontational designs and active storytelling. The exclusive items from Limitless ® put you in your power so you can be who you want to be, whether that is tough or soft. You choose your own path and Limitless encourages you in it. Join everyone who thinks Limitless, so you feel safe and live free.

Think Limitless, become Limitless. 

Limitless ® is the new high-end streetwear brand of Merlijn & Vlinder Kamerling. With Limitless they take a new step in their lives and together they dedicate themselves to a subject close to their hearts: mental health. For a long time they had the dream of being entrepreneurs together, preferably in the fashion industry. They agreed on the fact that it should never be "just" a clothing brand. So they set to work on a collection that appropriately calls attention to mental health by featuring it in a confrontational way in certain designs of this first collection. In the Pop-Up Store and in the online store, mental health is appropriately informed and currently they are working on a content program to work on their own projects in the long run, funded by Limitless ®, that contribute to this topic on a larger scale. 


MIND is the organization and foundation for mental health in the Netherlands. We support people (patients and relatives) by providing information and education, and we encourage and support research on psychiatric matters. We also advocate our opinions on mental health issues, based on experiences of patients and their family, to local and national politicians, to contribute to an improved health care system that will provide the best care for those who need it. We also provide support in the form of MIND Korrelatie: everyone who needs help and mental support can use this helpdesk to call, app, chat or email with a professional about their issues. This service is free and anonymous.

MIND is very proud and glad to team up with Merlijn and Vlinder to make people aware of the importance of mental health, and specifically motivate people to talk about mental health issues. We all have mental challenges in our life. Latest research shows that 3,3 million people in The Netherlands face some kind of mental health challenges*. It is so important to talk about this in order to face the challenges that come with mental health issues. Opening up can be very difficult, MIND can help! MIND is there for people who struggle with mental health issues, and their family and friends.

* according to Nemesis 3; large scale Trimbos population screening

Want to know more about the work MIND is doing? Visit our website.


Are you thinking about suicide? 113 Suicide Prevention is here for you.